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Alejandra Robles is a talented Oaxacan singer and dancer who performs a mix of dance music and Mexican folk. Alejandra was born and raised in the beautiful Mexican town of Puerto Escondido in coastal Oaxaca. Puerto Escondido is known throughout the country for its happy and festive culture, which has heavily influenced Alejandra’s music. Alejandra took classes in contemporary dance at the Oaxaca School of Fine Arts, then went to the School of Music at Universidad Veracruzana, where she majored in opera while also studying African traditions and tap dance. Her powerful voice reflects her training in opera, but her signature style is traditional Mexican with a rhythmic flare.

Drawing on her Afro-Mexican roots, Latin American folk-music, Caribbean rhythms, and her opera studies at the Paris Conservatory, Alejandra Robles delivers truly charismatic performances.