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About The Artist

LAJALADA is the current musical project of Belén Álvarez Doreste (formerly of the band Bel Bee Bee), who is accompanied by wonderful fellow musicians from the Canary Islands, including Ner Suárez (Atlántida), Alberto Rodríguez (La Perra de Pavlov), Octavio Limiñana (Nimañana) and Juan Pérez (Boreals, Zumurrud etc). 

Dubbed “bucolic electropop,” LAJALADA’s sound is more of an electronic adventure than Doreste’s previous outings, with reflective compositions penned in English and Spanish, and production techniques (rhythmic repetitions, loops etc.) that highlight the group’s dreamy textures, diverse timbres and the evolution of repetitive patterns towards trance. The band recently took home awards for Best Song of the Year (“Demañananosé”) and Best Pop-Rock Album (Dmñnns).

Belén says, “I like to play with music, but that intimate part for me is very special. I try to … make music that comes from my soul. I also dedicate myself to composing for other people; through, for example, audiovisual projects and soundtracks.” 

Currently, LAJALADA is working on its second release, titled HARIMAGUADA (‘holy woman’ in Guanche, the ancient language of the Islands), which revisits from a contemporary perspective the folklore of the Canary Islands: its rhythms, motifs and harmonies. Through the aesthetics of the body, and with the forcefulness of electronic fusion, LAJALADA is telling everyday stories of heroic women.