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Korean percussionist, performance artist and producer Kim So Ra is celebrated for her uninhibited, boundary-crossing activities. She is on a continuous journey to explore the outer limits of Korean drumming, Korean performing arts and global music at large to produce sounds that are both familiar yet distinctly hers. For example, the Korean harp is played with a boldness reminiscent of electronics, and the contrast between the explosive energies of the percussion and the lyrical melodies of the strings gives her work a new expressiveness.


After the release of her 1st album, A Sign of Rain (2018), Kim debuted as an official showcase artist at WOMEX 2018 in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, and at Mundial Montreal in Quebec, Canada.  A year later, A Sign of Rain was nominated for Best Jazz & Crossover Album at the Korean Music Awards. During the solo world tour that followed, Kim was invited to leading venues and festivals in twenty-four cities across seven different countries in Europe and North America. To play and perform more freely with Korean rhythms, Kim has participated in numerous collaborations, ultimately creating a genre of her own.  With the all-female Korean folk ensemble DUO BUD, Kim takes nature as her theme and presents music of comfort and healing through drawing upon traditional percussion and Gayageum melodies