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About The Artist

Fabio Ramos is a promising young artist and composer who is destined to contribute a lot to Cape Verdean music. He was born and raised on the Island of São Nicolau; however, when Fabio was 10, his family decided to move to the Island of São Vicente, and there the young man focused on his studies. But music was always his passion, and he became a founding member of the hip hop group Rap Soldiers. Later, accompanied by his guitar, he concentrated on his own compositions. When his father emigrated to The Netherlands in the early ‘90s, Fabio made the big decision to abandon academia and become a sailor like his dad. After eight years abroad, he immersed himself fully in professional music-making and has never looked back.

In 2019, Fabio participated in the voice contest TMC, where he emerged as the big winner at the regional and national levels. The contest catapulted his career: in a short space of time, he found his audience and place on the Cape Verdean music scene, especially in São Vicente. He already has set foot on several stages on the Island of Monte Cara, appearing at Morna Fest and the Baia das Gatas Festival, among other events, and sharing these stages with iconic names in Cape Verdean music.

In 2020, COVID-19 forced Fabio to take a break and put on ‘standby’ many professional plans. But with the new normal taking hold, Fabio decided it was time to kick-start his projects. And soon the opportunity arose to sign his first contract with the independent, Paris-based record label Lusafrica, where two Fabio Ramos albums will be recorded.