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About The Artist

The all-female sextet Las Guaracheras was born in 2017 in the city of Cali, Colombia. It is an initiative of the percussionists Laura Linares and Mónica Castro, who as lovers of the Son and La Guaracha genres, decided to form an instrumental group in which they could express all their intense musical feelings while, at the same time, preserving the essence of guaracha. The señoritas were also eager to exalt the memory of the Cuban Guarachera Celia Cruz.

With improvisation on each instrument as its driving force, Las Gauracheras evoke the sound of the great sextets of history, such as New York’s Joe Cuba and New Swing Sextet, and more recent ones like Cadaver Exquisito from Venezuela, and Grupo Latin Vibe from New York City. The vibraphone has a special place in the band, since the women have long been fascinated by its legacy and wanted to incorporate it into an updated version of salsa.

Las Guaracheras embody the best and most visionary female orchestras of Caleña and Colombian salsa, with an incomparable sound. Above all, the cultural and artistic objective of the ensemble is to elevate the female voice in Afro-Latin music and thus build a more inclusive, diverse and respectful cultural space where we all fit.

Current members of the band are Fabiola Zúñiga Hurtado (Lead Vocals, Vocals) / Daniela Vergara Barbosa (Bass) / Olga Lucía Domínguez Vergara (Piano, Vocals) / Mayra Alejandra Franco Benjumea (Vibraphone, Vocals) / Gina Marcela Botía Ruíz (Timbale) / Laura Linares (Congas).