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Mexico City singer and composer Nancy Zamher jumps from son to rock, and from bolero to rocksteady with all the freedom that music allows. Her hallmark is the melding of these wide-ranging styles with urban stories and personal reflections.

Drawing on influences from Mexican popular song, Nancy’s first album, titled Raíces, was released in 2021 and explodes with Mexa-Latin fire. Her second album, Cicatrices, is scheduled for release later this year (2023), and adds to her work a generous sprinkling of melancholic seasoning with a pinch of love and heartbreak. Previously, Nancy released two EPs: Blues de Luna, (2012) and Pentasoul, (2015). Her song “La esquina de Guaymas” (from the album Blues de Luna) is part of the compilation Nacidos Bajo un Buen Signo (Cultura Blues, 2013).

Nancy is a fifth generation graduate (2019-2021) of the Composition Workshop of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM). In 2019, she studied music theory at the Casa de la Música Mexicana, and at the Carlos Septién García School of Journalism (class 2006-2010). Among Nancy’s vocal mentors are Iraida Noriega, Betsy Pecanins, Hebe Rosel, Mike Melo, Marlon Saunders and Mamselle Ruiz. Her other studies include classes in guitar, jarana jarocha, cardenche and biphonic singing, and lyrics & versification.

In addition, Nancy is a member of the El Palomar choir, comprising 40 Latin American singer-songwriters, and she is one half of the a cappella duo Volcánticas alongside Mexican singer-songwriter Elo Vit. Finally, she is part of the Energía Nuclear: Mujerxs en la Música collective as a singer and songwriter.