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Burundi (officially the Republic of Burundi) is a landlocked country and historic kingdom in east-central Africa, south of the Equator. It is one of the few African countries whose borders were not determined by colonial rulers.  Although it is tiny, its artistic talent makes it seem bigger.

Inheriting a profound musical gift from his great grandparents, grandfather and father, Timy Nassor is a man of many hats: a Burundian musician, artist, author, composer and interpreter who was inspired by his two older brothers, Fête Yogaman and Shadu Nseng, and has been a major influence on his little sister Esther Nish, who is well-known for her song “Umbamwo,”a collaboration with fellow Burundian musician Kidum (Jean-Pierre Nimbona). Timy, now in his 31st year, works as a director, choreographer, actor and dancer for the contemporary dance and theatre group Irivuga Art Company. In the 2020 pre-election period, this inspired troupe of young artists took their play “Crocodile tears” on tour across Burundi.

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